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Transparent, step by step advice, available ALWAYS.

      As soon as you start talking to Purchase Homes you will notice the difference. We listen to you. We act quickly. We provide advice and educate. We make the whole process transparent. We stick to our word. We share our network of experts. So even if none of our current offers grab your attention, ask us to do something and we will certainly try. We cant promise to help everyone wanting a deal, but we can promise to try. Below are some of our commonly offered opportunities for people considering a new purchase.

We knew home buyers deserved better!
      • When we first started Purchase Homes, a few of the key outcomes we wanted to achieve are:
      • We wanted to share what really happens in the industry with YOU so you can make the best decisions around owning a home.
      • We wanted to make buying property fun again! Why cant you enjoy the process of securing a new home and feel like you are properly supported at the same time. We wanted to be unique.
      • Our offers will always come with a new angle on them. This not only sets us apart from our competitors, but it shows our valued clients that we are creative in everything we do.
      • Property builds equity and a path to security. We’re seeing first home buyers struggle in these unprecedented times that has impacted jobs, salaries, superannuation and savings. And this is one of the ways we are giving back to our valued clients.
      • On the other hand, money is the most affordable it’s ever been, we’re getting back to work and government first home buyer grants and schemes are making a big difference. We all know that owning is considerably better than renting. Savings and cash are not king anymore. Let’s start talking about getting you into your first home.
  • First Home Buyers

    • Avoid Deposit Dramas - 3% Deposit Finance

      One challenge people are having with the first home buyer Government Grants and schemes, is that it can’t be used to form your deposit.

      This is a big problem, as the key challenge to entry in to the market for First Home Buyers is !

      Well, we have you covered! Purchase Homes have recently released an industry leading 3% Deposit Finance Package for First Home Buyers that purchase before December 31, 2020.

      This unique package works in conjunction with the State and Federal Government Grants. You could very well be eligible! Best of all our finance partners work FAST!

    • 'Best of Both Worlds' Offer

      When buying a new home, wouldn’t it be amazing to live in it, then also have an investment straight off the bat as well? Well, with our ‘Best of Both Worlds’ offer you can do exactly that. This is dependent on location and availability. But as you know with our strategy, we can calculate your finance options and help get stage 1 and stage 2 ticked off in one purchase. Exciting times!

    • Your Very Own Planner

      Not only will you get access to the best opportunities in the market. But you will get access to your very own financial planner, for FREE! This is beyond valuable as everyone needs support in this area. The loan and finance calculations alone can be difficult, not to mention loan servicing, insurances and more. A 10% difference in outcomes year on year can make substantial changes in your financial position.

    • Maximise Government Support

      At this time, there are more government incentive packages available than will possibly ever occur in the history of our lifetimes. First home buyers have a significant step up and even other home buyers have incentives unheard of. We can guide you through ensuring you enjoy every benefit available through the First Home Owners Grant, HomeBuilder, First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, Stamp Duty concessions and more.

    • Get A Complete Package !

      When it comes to finding a new home, too often price negotiation means buyers end up with homes that are just NOT COMPLETE! There’s no window coverings, some flooring missing, no clothes line or letterbox, no driveway and more. So when the house is handed over, the buyers still have costs to pay for and the bank is not about to lend any more. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

      The Purchase Homes team bring together ‘turnkey’ house and land packages that are based on our decades of experience. Don’t stress over what’s included in your loan finance or worry about having to re-calculate your numbers, so you can be in a home that is liveable and comfortable.


    • Long Term Security Package

      If you are looking for more of an investment property, a key consideration is whether or not you are going to get tenants. And how long they will stay there? What they will pay? Especially when times are more uncertain, having a guaranteed rent at a guaranteed amount for up to 10 years should do the trick. We want you investing with absolute confidence that you are going to be protected for the long term.

    • The 'Yield Buster'

      Steps B and C of our 3 step process is all about earning more money through passive income. Income is what gives you the real ability to start growing your portfolio in a way that can fast track your desired outcomes. With the ‘Yield Buster’ you will be looking at a property that generates well above what your normal home would do! This is exciting as it generally means that money will be going into your pocket from day 1, and not the banks.


    When purchasing your next property, we believe it’s critical to have all the right support you can. When going into something like this you don’t want to be doing it blind. This just doesn’t sit well with us. It’s important to know that we are here to help, all of our experts have ways of making magic happen. So please come in for a coffee and see how we can help you.. “it might not happen overnight, but it will happen”.