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Why not? Haha! If only it was that simple. When buying your new home everyone needs support through loan finance and interest rates, calculating what you can afford, government grants and schemes..

But like anything, some providers are a great fit for some and not for others. We completely get this and appreciate that we just won’t be able to help everyone we speak with. But what we do know, is that should we believe we can truly help you, then we will let you know that and try our best to justify why.

In our humble opinion, we think we are different for the reasons below. If you think these are important, then we would love to speak with you.

1.The Best Opportunities/Insight

1.The Best Opportunities/Insight

This really is what it sounds like. We work tirelessly to discover and develop the best opportunities available in the market, that meets your ability to secure loan finance. Not only do we get exceptional house and land opportunities, we calculate the right way to establish the new home package for you. Part of the PURCHASE HOMES unique approach is how we see the opportunities in loan finance, interest rates, packages, government grants and schemes that should all be structured to ensure you lock in that first home. Our clients tell us no other team think as broadly and with such focus on the buyer.

This can include but not limited to the areas below:

  • Little to NO deposit home loan options in certain situations
  • Higher return on income
  • Long term security offerings
  • Cashflow heroes

This advice and guidance for our service to you is not paid by you, but by our land and construction partners. We are also happy to part with some of that fee to come up with the exciting offering to meet your needs. Being greedy is not in our vocabulary. The more people we can help, the better.

2. Key Partners – Finance, Land and Construction

2. Key Partners – Finance, Land and Construction

As experienced professionals, we have relationships with most property providers in Victoria. This means we can get you in to the best option they have (usually better) without you having to go and speak with each and every one of them which takes a lot of time and frustration to do. We have great relationships and agreements with the best developers in Victoria which is why we can negotiate a package you are unlikely to see elsewhere. We are like finance brokers. Most purchasers these days prefer to work with a finance broker instead of going directly to the banks, as they can get more options right away. Here’s why a broker model is a great way to go:

  • It takes a lot of time to book meetings with each developer you are interested in, and then to go and speak with each one of them is exhausting.
  • When negotiating deals for you as a client, the developers are more likely to honour our requests as we bring more business to them than one purchaser. It is the same with brokers who have platinum partnerships with banks – they get more leverage.
  • We have an inside word on the street. We literally have developers and builders coming to us daily with key deals they would like to promote. They might not have the budget to advertise this all over Channel 7, but use us as a partner who can speak to our clients direct.
  • If you are having an issue with a developer or builder, we are much better at handling any potential disputes and know how to approach it best. As your advisor and facilitator, we are here to make sure things go smoothly. It is not a love and leave relationship. We are with you for the long term.

It is all about ‘who you know’ more so than ‘what you know’. What it comes down to is the fact that we network new opportunities with our business partners daily. We come up with some really special offerings and we love sharing these opportunities with our clients, it makes the work all the more enjoyable.

3. We have a plan – Do the others?

3. We have a plan – Do the others?

Buying property is not about hope, it’s about strategy, calculations, interest, margins and lifestyle. Approaching a property purchase is almost like preparing for a court case. We need to make sure that all calculations line up before presenting our case to the judge (ie the bank).

Not only do we need to prepare, but we need to know what it is we are trying to achieve. And what the fastest route to that outcome is. At PURCHASE HOMES we have a 3-step strategy we use for first home buyers.

A: Get you in to the market.

It’s simple, but effective. Speak to us about how we can make your first step into the market, much easier. One of the key attributes in property is the ability to calculate leverage. If you are stuck in the rent trap, then you won’t be leveraging anything apart from your landlord.

We can talk you through the myriad of home loan, finance and interest rate options as well as the state and federal government First Home Buyers Scheme, HomeBuilder scheme, First Home Owners Grant, Stam Duty concessions and more.

Often we refer people to free standing homes on decent sized blocks rather than high density. Often in the fringes of urban sprawl so the home is positioned for the next wave of growth. Yes that’s a trade secret revealed! The final stage of Step 1 is to generate equity as soon as possible to leverage. We have a couple of tips there as well.

B: Start generating income

Property isn’t really an asset until it is providing you with a return. There are 4 ways you can benefit from property.

  • 1. Capital appreciation
  • 2. Tax relief
  • 3. Depreciation
  • 4. INCOME

When income or rent starts coming in, then this is called passive income. It means you don’t have to work to generate it. It works for you. Now this starts to become a bit more technical depending on whether or not you are a first home buyer or beyond. Selecting the right properties is going to be very important. We work with unique solutions that allow our clients with the ability to get into a property that ALSO generates a higher than normal yield (return). Combine step 1 (equity) and step 2 (income) and all of a sudden you’re starting to build a nice little portfolio.

C: So now we have our first 2 steps in order, where do we go from here ? This is the really cool stage! Why? you ask…. Because this is where you become a proper property investor and can take the next leap of faith with us. So what is it? Come in and have a chat and we will happily share the trade secrets with you!

At the end of the day, there is literally hundreds of options when buying a new home. So we know that working with an industry expert who is not tied to one builder or developer, that has the knowledge to get you going is a great thing to consider.